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Hi Guys! Let me start by saying WOW! I honestly had no idea the love that I would get from you guys regarding these presets. When I set out to make these presets I really just wanted to create something that made editing easier for myself and not so time consuming. I was getting tired of having to switch between a ton of apps just create one uniform look. Plus, I was never able to find filters that I truly loved so I decided to make my own!

Here’s a little info on how these will be released. I’ve created 5 prime packs, each pack contains 3 verions of the preset (Prime, Warm, Cool) . The presets can be used on different types of photos (landscape, portrait etc) so that when the photos are posted together, will create one cohesive feed. Why three you ask? Because each photo, depending on lighting, background, and subject, will require different tones and hues.

Each pack or collection will be very unique and different from the others. For example, the current release is the Pink Citrus Pack and all the presets included in this collection can be used to create a soft warm pink hue for your feed, see last grid photo below. Good grid contains photos edited with all 3 presets from the Pink Citrus Pack. Another pack in the works is my jewel tone pack which consists of presets that can be used to create a deep rich jewel tone feed etc.

Trust me, a lot of work, planning, love, and persistence went into this project and I am ECSTATIC to be sharing them with all of you. Each preset will come with instructions on how to use them with the Lightroom desktop app and are compatible with both RAW and JPEG files. In addition, they all WILL WORK ON THE LIGHTROOM MOBILE app.

So I’ve gotten A LOT of emails asking if I plan on selling them just in case you guys dont win tonights giveaway. I have good news and bad news. The answer is no, I do not plan on selling these and the only way to get them is by winning them. The good new is that I will be giving away packs every time I post a new picture so if you continue to follow and engage in my posts (plural) you will have a very good chance of winning them.

PLEASE READ carefully the rules below and note that these derived for a lot of hours of work and dedication on my part. Many IG photographers easily charge over $100 for one set of their presets and I’ll be giving mine away so please be kind and follow the rules to win them. Thank you all so much and I cannot wait to see the magic that you create with these!


*SUNDAY POSTS: Every Sunday I will post a picture for you to tag your friends and encourage them to follow me on.  Look out for all my posts on Sunday and tag your friends and encourage them to follow me. You BOTH have to be following me to win so encouraging them to follow would better your odds.  — Each prime posts will yield 10 winners for every 100 comments. This includes the person posting the comment and a tagged friend. Sunday posts will have the most winners. For example, if there’s a 1000 comments on Sunday post and it’s 10 winners for every 100 comments then that post will yield 100 winners!

*ALL OTHER POSTS: Every post on any day other than Sunday will also be eligible for the giveaway and all you have to do on these posts is leave a comment that is relative to the post and end your comment with a “🍊” so that I know it’s apart of your preset entry. At the end of each week I will be going through each post and selecting winners. For these posts, it is not necessary to tag a friend but you’re welcome to, otherwise just leave a comment relative to the topic of the post and end it with a “🍊” and SAVE the post.  I won’t be selecting winners with just emoji comments or two or three word comments. Please try to be creative and leave a comment relative to the content I’m creating–Each of these NON PRIME posts will yield 5 solo winners per 100 comments.

Since I pick winners only once a week,  the more you engage in ALL my posts the more odds you will have for winning. If you comment on all my posts throughout the week, you are basically entering yourself in all the giveaways. If I post 5 times a week and each post yields it’s own winners, think of it like putting your name into 5 different giveaway drawings. *Just FYI for every post, I will be picking 50% of the winners for that post from the first 100 comments so the quicker you are to comment after I post, the even better odds you have! Thank you all again so so much for riding this roller coaster with me an sharing interest in something that I love so so much!

For all the winners of the presets, be sure to use the hashtag #KikhalyPinkCitrus! I would love to see and share some of your creations on my insta! Xx – Kim


  • Try to be the first 100 people to comment. I pick 50% of the winners of each post from the first 100 comments. A great way to know when I post is to turn on post notifications for my profile!
  • Like, Comment, and save ALL posts.
  • Tag tons friends and encourage them to follow me on all Sunday posts.
  • Leave a relative comment with a “🍊” at the end on ALL other posts. Be sure to save the post too. It’s the ribbon icon that you see on the right of every post.

Please note, if a post on instagram is tied to a separate giveaway, the preset giveaway does not apply. 





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    11.14.17 / 10:58 am

    I loved it!!!!

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    Oh my goodness! My fingers are crossed!

    Ohsolovelyhelen xx

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